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In today's edition of Research Fortnight, universities are asked to accept that competition and impact are fuelling a publications arms race, which is contributing to over hyped press releases. Chief medical officer Sally Davies issues a controversial call for biomedical grantees to justify excluding genomics in their applications. Talking of impact, the AHRC has struck gold with its decision to open up grants to independent research organisations. Universities take note: it wants more IROs to apply to research councils.

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Universities told to stop hyping research findings

Exaggerated claims risk ruining public trust in medical research

Falling public trust in medical research may be attributable partly to university press offices exaggerating scientific findings, the authors of an Academy of Medical Sciences report have said.




Rethinking Brexit

There are plenty of good reasons for the UK not to leave Euratom when, and if, it leaves the European Union.


Available for professors, readers or senior lecturers from any engineering discipline wishing to build strong industrial collaborations. Awards of up to £45,000 per annum for five years, the industrial partner should contribute at least £250,000. We welcome applications from women and other groups underrepresented across engineering.




‘Where’s the genomics’, funders may demand to know

Researchers might soon have to justify why genomics is not included in a grant proposal when applying for medical research funding.


AHRC opens its doors to more museums and galleries

The Arts and Humanities Research Council is urging more independent research organisations to apply for its funding schemes.


Academics ‘to blame’ for society’s dismissal of facts, says AAAS chief

The rise of alternative facts and the public’s growing disregard for evidence is partly due to poor communication by researchers, Rush Holt, chief executive of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, has said.




John McKinley: Why the Precision Medicine Catapult had to go

John McKinley was the founding executive of the Precision Medicine Catapult, which is due to be shut down. He tells Cristina Gallardo what went wrong.


Research Fortnight issue 504

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What scientists can learn from art

David Gauntlett considers what scholars from other disciplines, not just the arts and humanities, can learn from how artists do research.




EU ‘must step up Chinese connection’

The European Union needs to engage more with China to safeguard its future as a research and innovation leader, the European think tank Bruegel has said.


Evidence-based policy


In a messy parliament, academics should keep politicians honest

Respect for evidence separates the politicians who want to get things done from the partisan game-players, says the former head of the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology.


New parliament offers new opportunities for impact

Navigating and collaborating with parliament poses challenges for academics, but also offers rewards, says Marc Geddes.


View from the Top


Next Framework programme will shape UK’s post-Brexit choices

Both sides are showing a positive attitude, but the UK’s best options will depend on the European Union’s priorities for research funding, says Vicky Ford MP.


Catapult closure reveals absence of joined-up government

The chief medical officer says precision medicine is the future of healthcare. So why is the government axing a centre devoted to it, asks David Bott.


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